How do you remember to take your meds?

I use DotFriday to remind me. But before Dot, I just used my head. This worked much of the time, but not all. I would remember to take the most important medications, which were usually once or twice a day. But the medications I needed to take in the middle of the day were often neglected. Whenever cheap nfl jerseys I went on antibiotics, the dose that should have been taken at lunch was always late. Either I would forget to take the meds with me when I left the house I the morning or I would have them in my purse and still forget to take them!

I found that I was better at remembering to give my daughter her meds on time, but being human, there were times that I forgot or was just late. While I can often live with some risk to my own health, I do not want to do anything that could hurt hers.

Studies have shown that the most common reason that people do not take their medications as prescribed is that they just forget. It is understandable—in this day and age we have so many things that we have to remember every day. We are overextended and overtired. But, at the same time, remembering to take your meds shouldn’t be the biggest deal, right? I am hopeful that DotFriday’s reminder emails will help, whether you receive them on your computer or smartphone. Let me know at!