Stressful Transitions III

Going home from the hospital! After any length of hospital stay home seems like the promised land. But in my experience, returning home after a serious illness can be unexpectedly stressful. After being cared for, all of a sudden you … Continued

Stressful Transitions II

Being admitted to hospital Rushing to the E.R. is stressful, but being admitted to hospital has its own stresses, whether or not you know about your hospital stay in advance. If your admission is planned, such as for surgery or … Continued

Stressful Transitions I

Or what to bring to the E.R. My family recently had the unfortunate experience of three Emergency Room visits in one week. This adventure has made me reflect on what we should have prepared in advance of an E.R. trip. … Continued

Did I just take that?

Ok, here’s the situation. DotFriday reminded you to take 3 medications at 7:00. You just swallowed two, but you can’t remember if you have already taken the last one or not. Believe it or not, even when we are standing … Continued

We love our beta testers’ feedback!

It has been an amazing week since the DotFriday beta launch. We have more beta testers registering every day and have received important reactions to the site. Much of the feedback concerns streamlining the user interface and providing more detailed … Continued